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Deutsche Version?

At first: Excuse my bad English!

For all images you need a 2GB storage device or bigger.

Note: The size of a 2GB MicroSD card is mostly to small.

"Grundimage " for all wishing to self-assemble the system. Contain the necessary boot files (boot, autoboot, cmos, riscos) in the FAT section (I intentionally did not write partition.) and the ROOL Hardisc4 image supplemented with the needed MDF and the settings in predesk.

The " Livedistro " is the basic image supplemented by a lot of freeware, manual, etc. and a little beautiful n taken by another Spriteset.

Both cards take into the left slot of Pandora. The default is autoboot. So "power on" and enjoy....

Why there is currently only the two images? The other archives were not downloaded and the making of with the help of the live system is very simple.

Instructions on how to get the image onto a SD, look at RISC OS ,



Other downloads:

Programmierung - Ein "Basicmanual (html)"   in Englisch


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